To Thunderstruck By AC/DC!


Dr. Ivan Misner

BNI, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

“I had the pleasure of watching Mike speak at our 2022 BNI USA National Conference. Mike’s energy and passion was on full display and the audience was fully engaged and excited. His blend of humor, humility, and personal stories was incredibly inspiring. I am proud to have Mike as a member of BNI and a speaker on our Global BNI stages.”


As founder and CEO of The Savage Secrets, Mike Savage is a serial entrepreneur whose career spans more than three decades. Mike has started and grown several companies from ideas into multimillion-dollar enterprises.

His greatest passion is educating, entertaining, and inspiring entrepreneurs as they journey through the hard-hitting, emotional and financial roller-coaster sport of business.

Mike has delivered his trademarked philosophy on starting and scaling companies, The Entrepreneur’s TrilogyTM around the globe. His message is a blend of humor, motivation, and tough love.

"Mike’s speech was full of energy and passion, the audience was fully engaged and excited. His blend of humor, humility, and personal stories was incredibly inspiring. I am proud to have Mike as a member of BNI and a speaker on our Global BNI stages!"

Kimpho Chrek

Jaya Catering & Events

"You have a gift and you shared it with us today. Your words are kind, and you are so inspirational and motivating."

Shirley Shepardson


"Phenomenal job! Mike really knows how to engage the crowd with relatable stories told in an expressive, deceptively simple yet powerful style. We received sooooo many compliments following his presentation with high interest for additional offerings. I highly recommend Mike to speak at any entrepreneurial event!"

Deb Horan

Webster Dudley Business Alliance


"One of the most endearing characteristics of the best speakers is genuineness. And Mike Savage is the absolute epitome of this. He is a master storyteller, making his audience laugh as he leaves himself vulnerable. It is this combination that makes his message so compelling and his work with entrepreneurs so life changing!"

David Wilson


“That was the most INCREDIBLE presentation I have ever seen in my 14 years of this organization!! I loved it. You are so unique, and I admire you greatly!"

Lynn Mussulli

Health Markets Insurance Agency

"Mike Savage rocked the house at the BNI Cambodia National Conference 2022! He spells out what it will take for businesses to grow and succeed with his 3-ways method in his keynote and he held the audience's attention captive the entire time he was on stage!"

Kang Wei Chin

Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, Malaysia




What Your Business Must Do Right Now To Win Big This Year

Success in business is not achieved with passion and enthusiasm alone. There is a formula that all successful entrepreneurs follow.  As you close out one year or one quarter and start another, there are critical steps that you must take to give yourself the best chance to win.  During this talk, I share the step-by-step actions that all great entrepreneurs take to give you the best chance to win big each and every year!


How To Master Your Mindset And Build A Dream Life And Business

There are times that turn entrepreneurs into warriors! I will demonstrate how your mindset, language, focus, daily routine, peer network, and the stuff you dump into your brain is significantly more important to your success than any tactic, product, or marketing plan will ever be. We dig into how great leaders summon their inner powers when faced with insurmountable challenges and emerge victorious. You can and will fight through any adversity and summon the grace to put challenges into perspective. 


3 Secrets of Legendary Entrepreneurs

Are you concerned about the future, struggling to grow sales, or do you have too much business and feel overwhelmed? What I’ve found over the years is that most entrepreneurs are stranded and isolated, don’t have a clear vision, and are consumed by the day-to-day activities of their business. During this speech, I share three secrets that consistently propel the world’s greatest entrepreneurs to victory.


Rangsey Sok

Head of Operations at BNI CAMBODIA

"I loved Mike's energy and the way he made his personal story relatable to everyone’s own life. He made a great emotional impact on our members and, to a huge extent, sparked the fire of motivation to take action as quickly as possible in order to win, both business and life in 2022 and the years to come."

Just A Few Of The Places Where Mike Has Been Seen

As an energetic and passionate Keynote speaker, Mike shares his lifetime of experience from the school of hard-knocks to educate, entertain, and motivate entrepreneurs & executives to DREAM BIG and CRUSH their goals. 

His topics relate to audiences of all sizes and his straight-to-the-heart stories leave them with a fire in their bellies to take action NOW to level up their businesses and most importantly, their lives.

"Mike's style is unique. He is able to provide complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way with many visuals and graphics that guide the listener through the thought process; and he is able to interlace some humor into a serious topic with his down-to-earth, approachable demeanor."

Susan Kelly

50+ Job Seekers Network

"Mike was both entertaining and informative. What particularly struck me was his vulnerability. In addition to providing some very sensible tips for success based on prior victories, Mike was also willing to share the business and emotional dimensions of past failures in his life, and what he had learned from them. It was truly valuable and inspiring."

Hans Riemer

The Communicator's Club

"Your super high energy, passion and story telling really inspired us to have a strong life purpose and big vision of BNI in Cambodia to grow stronger and better! You really engaged high audience attention. I recommend Mike as a keynote speaker for national conventions and global stages."

Sopheak Seu

Executive Director BNI Phnom Penh 2, Cambodia


Based on availability, Mike is available to speak for media interviews, podcasts, private groups, and industry associations.