Scale Your Business AND Live The Life You Want

I help entrepreneurs grow sustainable and profitable businesses without working 100 hours a week.


Entrepreneur Coach & Inspirational Keynote Speaker


What Keeps You Up At Night?

I'm Feeling Overwhelmed

My business is too reliant on me. If I don't do it, it won't get done or done right.


I Have No Personal Life

My spouse/partner is ready to divorce me and my kids don't recognize me anymore.


I'm Feeling Stuck

I'm working 100 hours a week and my business is just surviving. How do I get to the next level?


Kim Penney

One-On-One College Consulting, LLC

"I was always handcuffing myself so I was never able to grow my business. Mike helped me see the big picture and set up the infrastructure needed to get to the next level. Before we were always so stressed but now we are able to focus on our strengths and help more clients. It's just so much fun now!"

You Need A Clear Roadmap To Build A Profitable Business That Doesn't Take Over Your Life

  • Take a step back and strategize for the future

  • Spend more time with your family

  • Take that vacation you’ve been putting off for years

  • Start planning your retirement or exit strategy


"Mike has a wealth of knowledge and is an excellent sounding board for business and personal goals. He has helped me gain focus on what is important in my business and personal life. If you like honest truth and thoughtful advice Mike is your guy."

- Jeremy Feddema

Soul Mechanical

"I am optimistic about my future because with Mike's help I see a path to success with my businesses & have overcome all the personal as well as business challenges that seemed insurmountable."

- Mary Ellen Hall

Tax Professional, RSC

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your insight! I have been on this journey alone for so long that it's unbelievably exciting to talk to another entrepreneur that has been through it all and came out on the other side!"

- Karen Ardinger

Plata Chalkboards


Quickly and effectively understand where you are, what motivates and excites you, where you’re stuck, and how to get you from where you are to where you want to be!


Breakthrough Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

The biggest obstacle stopping most entrepreneurs from hitting their business and personal goals is MINDSET. I will help you shift your mindset so everything else falls into place.

Build A Profitable Business That Doesn't Take Over Your Life

I will help you create a business that you love. Together we will put systems in place to grow your business sustainably and profitably.

Define & Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams

Let's take your business and life from where it is to where you want it to be - your ultimate destination.

We are emotional, loving, caring parents, children, spouses and friends first and businesspeople second.

This prioritization is essential for TRUE HAPPINESS!


I'm Mike Savage

If you win at business, but sacrifice your health, relationships, or happiness—YOU LOSE. My mission is to help YOU, the entrepreneur, HAVE IT ALL! 

I used to be that overwhelmed, stuck entrepreneur with no fun in my life. I had no sounding board. Nobody that understood every aspect of what I was dealing with in both my business and personal life. My whole life was my business. I was convinced my business would fall apart if I wasn't working 24/7. Sound familiar?

Thankfully several years ago I found a mentor/strategist that helped me get my priorities in order. Now my businesses are thriving and I am enjoying life to the fullest!

I'd love to be that person for you so you can create your DREAM BUSINESS & DREAM LIFE too.


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Josh Gadbois

RenoVista Construction

"If you want to change how you look at life and business, Mike is the person for you. Do you feel like you're on the hamster wheel? Mike can help."

"Mike is real and authentic and has seen the markets shift in business and understands what make a business work. He also will help you deal with not only professional challenges but personal challenges as well."

- Bill Murphy 

Mortgage Planner, FIMC

"Mike is REAL. He's current, he doesn't talk/deal with the past - what was, like most other people - he deals with NOW because he is doing what he speaks about NOW!! This is important because I call him a player coach - he's in the trenches with you."

- Rich Biagiotti

PFM Plus

"Be prepared to be challenged, spoken to like an adult and come with an open mind. Mike is thorough, honest and straight to the point. If you put in the effort, Mike will share his lessons and strategies to grow and be happy."

- Stephen Almeida

Almeida & Associates

Are You Too Busy Working IN Your Business, To Work ON Your Business?


  • Feeling the stress of getting pulled into the day-to-day things that are not helping you grow
  • Feeling overwhelmed because you have to do everything yourself
  • Feeling stuck because you have no sounding board to help you make tough decisions
  • Feeling the pressure of not being able to spend quality time with family and friends

Are you ready?

It's time to get your life back AND create the business of your dreams!