A Millionaire Mindset Takes Practice - 5 Steps

mindset Sep 20, 2022

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  • "Winning" as an entrepreneur is not just winning at business. Winning is being happy, healthy, confident entrepreneurs who have great relationships and kick-ass businesses.
  • We have tens of thousands of inputs that go into our brain each day. As entrepreneurs it is ESSENTIAL that we are aware and purposeful about those inputs.
  • Rock as many of the 5 senses with positive stuff as you can first thing in the morning.
  • 2 POWERFUL ways to start the day:
    • Brush & Build
    • Shower Power
  • 1 way to RUIN your day is actually 2 things that many people do first thing in the morning. If you want to start your day on a STRONG foundation, DO NOT DO THIS.
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"When we can control the input, when we can sit there and absolutely, positively plan the stuff that goes into our brain first thing, it is amazing, absolutely amazing what can happen.

Hello and welcome back. My name is Mike Savage and my company is the Savage Secrets. Today what I want to do is, I want to sort of twist things up a little bit. Rather than starting off with positivity and energy and fire in your belly, I wanted to share with you the number one way that you can ruin your day. The number one way that I can ruin my day. The number one way that people ruin their days, and it just blows my mind how frequently people do this. So, I'm going to share with you that #1 reason and I'm going to share with you the whole philosophy behind why this can ruin your day."

What is Winning?

"But before I get into all that that, I want to step back a little bit. The reason that I do what I do, is I want to help you, the entrepreneur, win. Winning is not just business winning. Winning is this big picture called life. Right?

We want to be happy, healthy, confident, have fun with our friends, our family, our neighbors, our spouse, our kids, our parents, whatever it may be."

The Entrepreneur's Trilogy™

"Business and Entrepreneurship is comprehensive and when I talk comprehensive, I use the term the Entrepreneur's Trilogy™.

The Entrepreneur's Trilogy™ is my philosophy on this game called Entrepreneurship.

I call it a sport because sometimes it can be pretty hard-hitting. It can be pretty challenging, but the Entrepreneur's Trilogy™ is really, I say that we live three movies simultaneously.

We live three movies simultaneously, every single day of our lives. I call those movies HEARTset, MINDset, and SKILLset. They overlap and we are at the center. We are front and center of this journey."


"HEARTset is our health, first and foremost. It's that one thing we take for granted until it's taken away. Our health, our relationships. Our relationships with our friends, our family, our neighbors, whatever it may be, is the single most precious thing on Earth, in my opinion. And our happiness. So if we have those things, we're rocking, right? You got your health, you got great relationships, and you're happy, you've got it."


"The next movie is called MINDset. MINDset is the stuff that we put in our mind. Our mind, our motivation, the things that drive us, and our movement. Do we take action?"


"And then finally, the third piece or the third movie in the Entrepreneur's Trilogy™ is SKILLset. We run businesses. So, you get your product or service, you've got your ideal client, your target market, you've got a strategic marketing plan. And business can become a lot more complicated, and it has, and it will for you."


"But fundamentally, those are the three movies and today I want to spend some time here.

I want to spend some time on MINDset. In particular, when I talk about our mind, the inputs, the stuff that goes into our brain, oftentimes we think about the reality that our brain is subjected to tens of thousands of inputs every single day. Probably more than tens of thousands. I don't even know what the number, is I've read some studies, but we get input from so many different ways.

So many things are pumping into our brain. It could be music. It could be conversations with people. It could be reading a blog. Whatever it may be, we have all these inputs, all these things that go into our brain.

It is absolutely essential that we are aware of the things that go into our brain, and we control, to the extent that we can, the things that go into our brain. And the number one thing we don't want to do—we absolutely don't want to do this first thing in the morning—I’m going to get to that.

But first what I want to do is, I want to talk about this thing that sits on our shoulders.

In particular the five senses. We have five senses from smell, touch, taste, vision, hearing. We have all of these senses and our entire being is really a combination of all of these senses, right? That's why there's a finite number. And if we can get in and fully understand all the senses and we can understand how they impact our day and we can do the things that impact our day in a positive direction, then we are moving ourselves into a really good, powerful state.

When we don't control those things, when we don't control the stuff that's going into our brains—damn. It can become super challenging, super overwhelming, and I'm not gonna make believe that we can control everything. There is no way in hell that we can control everything. But we want to control the things that we can control, and we want to put ourselves in a great place, build a solid foundation, when the shit hits the fan.

When something happens to us in our lives that is out of our control and does impact us. Impacts us from whatever perspective. It could be family. It could be friends. It could be health. It could be society. It could be financial. There's a lot of things that can impact us and I talk about this all the time, where the way that we start our day is magical.

And there's really one or two things we absolutely can't do. It will ruin our day. But before I get into the ruin the day stuff, let's talk about the things that we can do first thing in the morning."

Start Your Day with a SOLID Foundation

"First thing, as soon as we open those beautiful eyes and shake off the night time. I honestly think that the first thing that we do every day, and I have an entire course called Savage Sunrise. If you're interested you can go to my website under resources, and I step through what I believe is the perfect morning. It's not for everybody, but that's what I do and it's how I manage my state and my mind and my energy.

But as we start our day, most of the time the first thing we do is we brush our teeth. We go and we get to look in that mirror sometimes we're not exactly excited how we look. We might look crusty, we might look run down, we might look disheveled, our hair can be a mess, you may not have makeup on, whatever it is, you probably have bad breath, whatever it is.

But first thing when you are staring at yourself in the mirror, those first 60 seconds, call it the first 60 seconds of your day, and it's not really the first 60 seconds because you do have to get out of bed and you do have to shut your alarm off or whatever it may be, but the first 60 seconds.

Now we all have a finite number of seconds in a day. There's 24 hours in the day and then there's 60 minutes in every hour, so there's 1,440 minutes. And this is how much of an absolute nerd I am. There are 86,400 seconds in every day I'm talking about 60 or 120, whatever your dentist says, as you're sitting there brushing your teeth and preparing your day.

But as you're looking at yourself in the mirror because we all do it. Maybe you don't have a mirror, but for the most part I think most of us do have a mirror. When you're looking at yourself during those first 60 seconds and you're brushing your teeth, what is going through your mind? What is going through your brain?

Are you all of a sudden going and starting to think about all these other different things you got to do throughout the course of the day? You might have meetings, you might have kids that are going crazy, you might have all sorts of stuff that you need to do. When you're going through that, is it a positive experience or are you automatically implementing overwhelm? Are you automatically putting into your brain the challenges that you have throughout the day?

My belief, something that I want to say, no one ever perfects anything, but I've done a damn good job of studying this over the last five to ten years, when we can control the input, when we can sit there and absolutely, positively plan the stuff that goes into our brain first thing, it is amazing. Absolutely amazing what can happen."

Brush & Build

"So, let's just talk about call it step one. Step one, I refer to, very first thing in the morning is, Brush & Build.

Whether you're brushing your teeth or you're shaving, whatever it may be, there is a period of time where you are sitting there, and you are basically looking at yourself in the mirror. You're looking at yourself like, “Hey, Mike. How you doing?” Hey Alice. Hey Jane. Hey John, how you doing? Like you're having that conversation with yourself.

So, what is that conversation like? What are you doing first thing? What are you putting into your brain? And I would strongly encourage you—and if you have other people that are in your household that you can't crank up the music or start to listen to things that motivate you, podcast, whatever, put earphones in. But I'm challenging you.

During that first call it 60 seconds, two minutes, five minutes, whatever. However long it takes to brush or shave and get yourself ready. However long that takes, I'm challenging you to immediately putting good stuff. Immediately watch a YouTube video. Listen to some inspiring music. If you like to dance, put on some good music. If you like to listen to podcasts—I enjoy podcasts. I like to listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

If you are enjoying something, whether it be a certain music or you like some YouTube channels—I'll say that if you go to the Savage Secrets YouTube channel, there can be some really good stuff in there. But my point is: be deliberate! Be deliberate about these first two, three, five, ten minutes, however long it is.

Be deliberate about immediately putting good stuff in. Don't look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Goddamn, I look old.” Don't look yourself and say, “my hair is a mess.” Don't look at yourself in the mirror and say, “my skin is awful.” Don't do it! Put in good stuff first thing.

So, Brush & Build is one of those little, tiny things, it's so seemingly insignificant, but as you're brushing or shaving you're also building the foundation for that day. You're also starting to put in the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful and the positive. That's what I always say."

My Mirror

"Now, I'm sharing with you literally the things that I put on my mirror. My bathroom mirror is laced with a whole bunch of sticky note things. Not sticky note Post-its, but it's images.

  • It's pictures.
  • It's graphics of things that I'm dreaming about.
  • It's pictures of my family.
  • It's pictures of places that I want to travel to.
  • It's reminders of people in my life. (I've lost both of my parents, but I think about them and the good times and the great times.)
  • And I have poems on my mirror.

But I load up my mirror with images of things that bring goodness and happiness into my life, or goals or dreams that I'm striving for. Things that I'm aspiring to get to, places that I'm aspiring to go, different things that I dream about.

When we stick these really powerful images in front of ourselves and we couple that with putting in the good stuff in our brain, so first thing we're brushing our teeth, we're shaving and we're either listening to a podcast, listening to music, listening to YouTube videos, listening to audiobooks, and at the same time, our peripheral vision is looking at beautiful things. Looking at things that make us happy.

So we've got a double whammy there, right? We've got the power of putting stuff into our ears, hearing, that's one of the senses. And then we have our vision, our sight, which is another sense and so we're automatically piggybacking on these two things. This isn't rocket science, folks. This isn't like some super hard, overwhelmingly challenging thing.

It's actually quite simple. Now what I will say is that executing on this consistently does become a challenge, but it's one of those things that if you want something different in your life, or if you want to take your experience going through life to the next level, whatever it may be. It could be personally, professionally, health-wise, financially, whatever it may be.

When you start to build a solid foundation, you start your day with a solid foundation, it builds an infrastructure. It builds toughness when the stuff eventually hits the fan.

Because let's face facts: very, very rarely can we absolutely craft the perfect vision of the perfect day and it’s executed flawlessly. Probably never. It doesn't matter what it is. If you're taking your kids to the school bus, you know that you may not make it in time and then you got to drive the kids to school. Maybe you have other situations with your health that you weren't expecting—there's always stuff that pops in. There are always things that come into our lives that create challenge and adversity for us.

But if we have a solid emotional foundation, then we have a better chance of battling through whatever kind of adversity. So, the first thing during Brush & Build is you're brushing, shaving, you're listening to good stuff.

Then if you take your mirror, in your bathroom mirror, and if you're sharing your mirror with someone else in the family, then maybe they can participate as well, if everybody's using one bathroom. No matter how you slice it, if you put good imagery on the mirror, who's gonna say, “No. I don't like this.” Probably nobody. Maybe there's some crazies in your family.

But I believe that when we can engage that second sense, the first sense being our hearing, the second sense being visually looking at something, it becomes so powerful.

So, some additional examples of imagery that we can sprinkle onto our mirror, there's just some specifics. Talk about dreams and goals. First off, you need to have dreams and goals. I even wrote a book, “Dream BIG and CRUSH Your Goals,” and I'll share some of that information with you as we get a little bit further along, but when you are aspiring to have something in your life, whether it be something financial, whether it be something emotional, whether it be the number of charities you can donate, maybe it is your favorite charity, you put a picture there. You know, people that inspire you.

I have an image, one of the pictures that's on my mirror, is the image of one of my friends whose name is Kevin Gosnell. We were buddies. We were part of the same CEO group many years ago. We were both in the same kind of stage in our life. He had three kids, I had two. He had a wonderful wife, I had a wonderful wife. We were both running businesses around 20 million bucks. We got a whole bunch of employees.

And my buddy Kevin ended up getting ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease. And he had a very unbelievably aggressive form of Lou Gehrig's Disease, and in the 16 months that he lived after getting the diagnosis, he built a charitable foundation. A charitable foundation! In his last living days, he built a foundation that has raised over 10 million dollars so far. He is an absolute inspiration to me. I miss him dearly. I talk about him when I'm on stage, wherever I am on the globe. I stole the virtues of his charitable foundation called ALSone. But he inspires me.

When I put the picture of him on my mirror, I make believe that he's talking to me. “No excuses, Mike! No excuses. What's your challenge today, buddy? What's your adversity? Are things difficult for you today? Want to know what difficult is? Difficult is getting a death sentence. Difficult is finding out that you're 46 years old and you got 16 months to live. That's difficult.” And his picture inspires me. It gets me going.

But if there are things that are in your life, people that inspire you, people that drive you, things that you want, maybe it's an automobile, maybe it's an unbelievable vacation, maybe it's just somewhere special with your family. Maybe you want a new home, whatever it may be.

When you put those things out there and all of a sudden, those images start to play into your brain all the time, you've got a much better chance of attracting that thing. There's a book out there called “The Secret,” and actually multiple books called the secret, but it's all about visualization.

Now, I have a little bit of a challenge with “The Secret,” in that if you visualize something hard enough and long enough it will all of a sudden appear on your front doorstep. I'm not an advocate of that. I think you do need to dream and visualize and create this beautiful vision of whatever you want in your life, but you also got to bust your ass and do a whole bunch of extra stuff for that thing to materialize.

But the point is, if we can visualize it, if we can see it, if we can touch it emotionally, we've got a much better chance of this thing becoming part of our lives. So, it's essential. Whatever dreams or goals you may have, it's essential.

And the other thing, I mentioned this earlier, we can look at images of our family and our friends and our co-workers and our parents and our children and our spouse, whatever it may be. Images of people that you love. Images of people that inspire you.

Images of people that get you going and get you off your butt. Images of people that are unbelievably important to our lives. So, take some images and again you can change the pictures. You don't have to put them up there, if you've got a picture of one of your siblings and you love them to death and all of a sudden, they piss you off, just change the picture. Or if you have a friend that pisses you off for whatever reason.

The bottom line is, where I'm going with all of this is, that by putting those images, those dreams of maybe material things that we want, dreams, or just images of people that are in our lives that are so unbelievably important. That's powerful."

Don't Quit!

"I also, on my mirror, I have a poem. One of the poems was a poem that I found after my mom died, cleaning out her house and I found this poem in her basement. The poem is called “Don’t Quit.” You know, maybe I'll have a little fun with this. The poem is,

When things go wrong as they sometimes will, when the road you're traveling seems all uphill, when the funds are low and the debts are high, when you want to smile but you have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must, but don't you quit!

Success is failure turned inside out, the silver tint of the clouds of doubt, and you never can tell how close you are, it may be near when it seems afar. So stick to the fight when your hardest hit, it's when things go wrong that you mustn't quit.

Now, you may think that I'm a little bit whacked, that's okay, you know get in line. Join the club. But I have that poem that I found at my mom's house and I've shared this with tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands of people at this point, but it sits on my mirror and it reminds me of her. And it also reminds me of resilience and toughness.

But my son's a college baseball player and he's got some quotes from Derek Jeter. Even though I am from Boston and the New York Yankees is the evil empire as far as I'm concerned. Derek Jeter was a phenomenal leader and I'm glad that my son aspires to have—the skillset, yes it's essential—but also the mental toughness and the leadership skills, phenomenal stuff.

But where I'm going with this is, in addition to imagery we can put up quotes. We can put images of people that we aspire to be like or people that we admire or people that have changed the world. We can put quotes and prayers. Whatever you can put on your mirror to inspire you, to put you in a positive mental state. Because we got to build that foundation first thing in the morning. It's essential to build that foundation first thing in the morning."

Shower Power

"And then the last power piece, I call it Shower Power. Think about it, when you are in the shower and doing your thing, you're not thinking about anything. There's really—you know I should say you're thinking about everything, and if you can be pumping in during that moment, during that time, you could be cranking.

I've got a whole playlist called Mike's Morning Fire Up. It's just music that I crank. My wife thinks I'm whacked, but you know what? Okay! I crank the music.

But during this, however long it takes you to take a shower, if you're lifting your spirits and you're pumping in the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive, if you're pumping it in in, lifting your spirits and putting yourself into a phenomenal state, you have a much better chance of having that solid foundation as your day goes on.

Because we got to face facts sometimes shit hits the fan during the day. It doesn't always work out. Things happen. If you're in business you might have expected that big order and then the customer decides to go in another direction with your competitors. Those stink. You might have your most incredible employee, maybe they decided to move on and change careers, or they moved across country, you never know.

But Shower Power to me is one of those essentials. Where you have that two, five minutes, whatever it takes to clean yourself up and get yourself ready, that you get to continue to pump in good stuff. And if it's nothing more than dance music, then have at it. Go have a blast. But pumping in the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful and the positive is absolutely essential to building that foundation to getting yourself going."

The #1 Way to Ruin Your Day

"Now, I want to get back to the whole purpose that we’re here. That is, I wanted to share with you what I believe is the number one way to ruin your day. Now, I shared with you a whole bunch of things that I believe are essential for each of us to have a phenomenal day, to build that foundation, and there's a whole bunch more to what I consider my morning routine, but this is just those five to ten minutes that we're staring at ourselves in the mirror or talking to ourselves or listening to music or brushing our teeth or shaving or showering, getting ourselves ready.

But I believe that there's one thing that can absolutely crush the foundation and we're going to build a very, very weak foundation. What I wanted to share with you is I call it one thing, but I think it's really two things. Two things that we absolutely cannot do first thing in the morning, when our eyes open, we can't do it.

Number one is turning on our phones. Now I'm not saying that I don't turn on my phone because I turn on my phone for whether it be podcasts or music or meditation stuff, I turn on my phone for that. But I do not check emails. I do not check texts. I do not check WhatsApp. I do not do any of that stuff as soon as I open my eyes because yeah, a lot of times, it can be really good stuff, right? You can get a text from somebody you love, you can go on Snapchat or LinkedIn and get all these great comments, but there's always that chance you're gonna get some bad news. Something's gonna sprinkle in there.

And the one I think that's the worst, and I find it insane, is television. Watching television first thing in the morning, to me, it doesn't get any worse than that. Okay, so we may watch it for the weather, well you also have a weather app on your phone. My point is, the whole purpose of the news, so much, you've heard the saying in the past, “if it bleeds, it leads.” Meaning, we get to see tragedy. We get to put into our brains first thing in the morning from news: car accidents, fires, political garbage that's going on, stuff that's going on in Ukraine and Russia or Middle East, or whatever it may be.

All that the new stations do is they pump in negative stuff. Now, I don’t want all the new stations to go barking up and down and getting pissed off at me, but there's a reality. Most of the time when you watch the news, “if it bleeds, it leads.” Meaning that if it's negative, if it's tragic, if there's a fire or car accident or someone dies, it's first. It comes out first because they want to get you sucked in. The news stations want to get you sucked in. Very rarely do I watch the news. Now, I watch CNBC and I watch ESPN, I watch Sports Center. I don't watch the news because there's nothing good on the news. There's nothing good that can uplift me, raise my spirits, raise me as a person.

So, I'm gonna close with this. I believe cell phones and our TVs are poison. Don't open them up first thing in the morning unless you're opening them to put in some good stuff, some clean stuff, some positive stuff, powerful stuff. Don't open them. Don't read your emails. Don't read your text messages. Don't go to Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook. Don't do it. Don't do it.

Because a lot of times they get stuff on Facebook, and I love the Facebook people, they just want to pump in or load as much stuff on Facebook as they possibly can to tell you how absolutely wonderful their lives are. My life is all bliss and then you find out that you know he and his wife are throwing rocks at each other and smacking each other with hockey sticks. You know, all it can do is like, oh gee, I wish I had their life. Oh gee—no. Don't even bother. Don't put it in. It's poison.

This is my point: I think it's poison.

So two things, call it the one thing that you can do could that can absolutely ruin the start of your day, is cell phones and television. Don't do it. Just say no. Just say no. To me, it's poison. It can mess up your day. It can mess up your spirits. It can mess up your energy. And I challenge you to start your day on fire. I challenge you to start your day with a an abundance of energy, with an abundance of excitement.

Now I seem to be a little jacked up. Am I jacked up 24 hours a day, seven days a week? No. But most of the time, I am. There were times in my life, I'm not going to say there was all roses and sunshine and happiness. No I've gone through hell. I went through hell and back. I lost my dad very early. Lost my mom recently. I have lost companies.

Like, yeah, there’s bad stuff that goes on, but this thing that sits on our shoulders is the most powerful force in the universe, and if you don't think so, think about this. Every single thing that exists in our lives, except for nature, almost every single thing that exists in our lives, from a product or service, was once the idea in the mind of one person. Think about that.

Every product that you use, every service that you use, like this camera that I'm looking into and this microphone that I'm talking into, the lights that light up the studio. Once the idea in the mind of one person. This thing that sits on our shoulders is the most powerful force on Earth.

I am encouraging you to take very good care of it. Because when you put in some of this bad stuff, when you watch the news and just pickle your brain with all this negativity, it doesn't help you as a person. And I'm assuming that you want to be a happy person. It's kind of one of those givens, hopefully, that you do aspire to be happy and healthy in your life."

That's a W.R.A.P.

"So, I'm going to finish with this: That's a Wrap. W.R.A.P: Winner’s Rapid Action Plan. This is a summary of the stuff that we've gone through today.

First off, your phone and your TV are poison. Stay away from them. Don't go near them. Avoid them at all costs. Especially, especially, especially, first thing in the morning.

Number two, rock your five senses. Whatever you can do first thing in the morning to get yourself inspired, to get yourself in a good place, to just look in the mirror and smile, you know, that can help a great deal, but rock the five senses. Rock as many of the senses that you have with positive stuff that you can.

Number three, I personally think that your mirror can be your best friend. I also think that it can be an enemy if you sit there and you all of a sudden start looking for negative stuff from getting older, my hair is turning gray, blah blah blah, whatever it may be. You know what? That's not the way to start your day. So, use your mirror as your best friend. That bathroom mirror is unbelievably powerful. If you don't have a mirror, hopefully you can go and buy one.

Number four, I talk about this all the time. We have this, call it this sponge, that sits on our shoulders. It absorbs stuff. It absorbs stuff that we see, it absorbs stuff that we hear, it absorbs stuff that we feel, it absorbs stuff. It's like a sponge. If you commit to putting in the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive, if you commit to that and you try it, I'm not telling you that this is easy.

All the stuff that I'm suggesting, recommending, is not easy. It takes months. You hear the saying it takes 66 days to get something to become from a hey I want to try this, to become a permanent habit. I don't know what the number is. I don't even think science knows.

What I'm saying is, if you start today you've got a much better chance of going through the journey fired up and excited and motivated and inspired and energetic and optimistic. You got a lot better chance of you putting in the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful and the positive.

And then finally, call this an advertisement, okay. It's incredibly difficult to fly the plane of life solo. It's incredibly difficu—I’ve had coaches for most of my entire adult life. Especially as I was in business, running big companies, I was a member of a mentorship group and I'm always hanging around with people that are playing the game better or differently than I am.

You want to hang around with people that are playing the game better or differently than you are. If you hang around with people that are the same or they're not as polished or as professional or as driven or as accomplished, you know, learn from others.

I always say the greatest learning laboratory in the world is at the feet of someone who's already done what you're trying to do. So, to me I have multiple coaches in my life right now. Each of them helps me become a better me. So, if you're interested in learning about our coaching programs, check out the website Shoot me an email [email protected]. All good.

But it's great to be able to have someone in your life that is pushing you, that is driving you, that is inspiring you, that is educating you. Oftentimes, we become—not oftentimes—100% of the time, we become the average of the five people we hang around with. I’ve got this whole training called you are number six. You are number six. If you look at the people that you spend the most time with, you become the average of those five. So, you've gotta up your game.

If you aspire to up your game, if you aspire to get to that next level, if you aspire to go to places that you've never been to before, hang around with the right people. And a coach and a mentor can be super helpful for that.

And I also mentioned that I have a book, if you're interested in setting and crushing goals, “Dream BIG and CRUSH Your Goals.” You can again go to my website under resources,, will show you how you can download my book for free. “Dream BIG and CRUSH Your Goals.” There's a whole bunch of other resources on that page as well."

Final Thoughts

"I want to thank you. Thank you if you've gotten to this point, you're one of the rare few. Most people do not get to the end of a podcast or a video or webinar. Most people just don't get there. Congratulations if you got here.

And if you enjoyed what you heard today, please share it. Share some comments with me. I will respond. Whatever comments that you might have, and if you're listening to this on a podcast, I would love for you to subscribe to the podcast and if you can rate this episode, I'd appreciate that as well.

The bottom line is, we really only get one opportunity to go through this journey called life. One chance. We don't get to screw it up and come back in an afterlife, and so I would encourage you to build that foundation. Build that solid foundation first thing in the morning.

If you can build that solid foundation first thing in the morning, I'm not going to sit here and claim your day is going to be perfect because that would be such garbage and not true, but I will tell you that you have a much better opportunity to have an absolutely amazing day when you build that foundation first thing in the morning.

So rule number one: stay off of the phone. Stay off of the phone or television first thing in the morning. Only pump in the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful and the positive. I love you. Thanks very much and I can't wait to serve you again. Have an amazing day."

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