This GC scaled from $250K to well over $1M in 2 years! Learn how he did it...

May 21, 2023

Meet Josh and his beautiful family! Josh is building an AMAZING business as a General Contractor in New England, RenoVista Construction.

When we started working together a couple of years ago, Josh was, to say the least, confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, unhappy. His emotional and financial reality were NOWHERE NEAR what he envisioned when he left his job in construction a few years earlier and ventured into the world of entrepreneurship.

Josh did not have the time or financial freedom that he desired. While his business was growing, his mental health, family time, and happiness suffered greatly. You see, Josh had never built a million-dollar business and his limited thinking, self-doubt, and lack of experience was holding him back from making the decisions necessary to move his company forward. There is a reality to this journey called entrepreneurship:

“There are only 2 ways to learn things, your experience or someone else’s and when it is your experience, it usually hurts more, costs more, and takes longer”

Josh was trying to be everything to everyone, was taking on any job including jobs that were not profitable or fun. He was doing all the work rather than building a team, a culture, a business, a life.

Then he shared his 12-month goal with me:

“I do not ever want to wear a tool belt again”

In essence, Josh wanted to build a team and a company where he was the leader and not the doer. 

Some big AHA moments for Josh...

  • I wasn't dreaming big enough - now I dream bigger than I ever thought possible
  • Mike shared his years of experience to guide me to the next level with my business - he's been through it all himself and eliminates the whole painful learning curve of doing it alone
  • I built the mental foundation I needed to be successful in business and in life - this is a critical step that most entrepreneurs never even consider
  • I created a product focus and now only specialize in high-end bathrooms, kitchens, and basement remodels - the most profitable and enjoyable products for our team
  • I don't try to do it all myself anymore - I developed an amazing team that gives me so much pride to watch them flourish and it frees me up to work on the important aspects of growing my business
  • Now I'm a leader - not a doer
  • My first couple years in business I hardly saw my wife, my kids and my health was suffering. Now, I focus on my team, building my standard operating procedures, my financials, and most importantly, I dedicate most of my day to sales & my customers

Flash forward to today and OMG! What an incredible transformation! Josh now has an inspired, energized, committed team that he has grown from one employee to 8. By year end, he will be running his multi-million-dollar dream business and be putting his foot on the gas for another year of explosive growth.

And most importantly, Josh has started to spend SIGNIFICANTLY more time with his amazing wife Sarah and two little angels, Noah and Emma. Recently, Josh returned from an INCREDIBLE vacation with his family and told me:

“Mike, this was the first time in my life that I went on vacation and did not care about how much money I spent” 

Now that is pretty cool😊. It is only just beginning for Josh but, man oh man, he is really starting to enjoy the journey.

Now think about this for a moment. What would it be like to have a mindset and skillset powerful enough to build the business and life you dream about? How would your business and life be impacted if you were jumping out of bed with excitement, building a company that gave you an abundance of time, money, and happiness?

The truth is, once you combine a powerful mindset with a potent business skillset, you are on the path to becoming a happy, self-confident, UNSTOPPABLE entrepreneur!

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